Sales and Export Growth

The ability to trade successfully outside domestic markets can be a major driver in effective business growth. But knowing how to successfully navigate the compliance and regulations in these markets can be a major stumbling block.

Our experienced trade team provide clients in the UK and Ireland with tailored and pragmatic advice on a range of international trade issues:

1. Post-Brexit Compliance

The Trade Team at Pinnacle offers a wide range of advisory services that can assist businesses in adhering to the new trading circumstances that have been introduced as a result of the UK leaving the European Union. These include

Customs Compliance:

  • Introduction to Customs Documentation, and how to complete Customs Declaration Forms.
  • Determining the estimated costs and Tariff levels when moving goods internationally.
  • Help with Commodity Codes: Help on understanding why they’re important, how to find them and how to check if you’re using the correct one.
  • Understanding Incoterms, and guidance on making sure that the most suitable IncoTerm is being used.
  • Guidance and training on why Rules of Origin are important and how they will be used after Brexit.
  • Licenses to be aware of when moving dangerous/dual-use goods.
  • Support with Certifications that need to be completed for food products and goods of plant origin or animal origin.

Logistics & Supply Chain:

  • Assistance with mapping supply chains, and identifying the correct administration to accompany the movement of goods.
  • Advice on how to streamline supply chain operations and avoid areas of disruption.
  • Assistance with Strategic Sourcing.

People & Human Resources:

  • Advice with post-Brexit recruitment, including what to consider when recruiting EU Nationals.

Access to Funding:

  • Pinnacle Growth Group are approved providers of support through the fully funded InterTradeIreland Brexit Start to Plan Voucher.
  • Pinnacle Growth Group have supported clients with accessing funding from HMRC and Invest NI to aid EU Exit preparedness.

2. Establishing Operations in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland’s unique position in the United Kingdom and the European Single Market for goods provides businesses here the opportunity to buy from and sell to both jurisdictions with reduced , customs, tariffs and administrative requirements.

Pinnacle Growth Group have a superb track record in facilitating Foreign Direct Investment into Northern Ireland, and have supported clients with:

  • Opening and registering a business in Northern Ireland
  • Locating suitable premises
  • Securing access to jobs
  • Intermediary management services
  • Securing funding to support investment

Registering as a business in Northern Ireland can be done through our partners at Fast Form.

3. Growing Export Sales

Pinnacle Growth Group have a wealth of experience in enabling business growth through growing export sales, as well as securing access to finance to support development. Specific services that we can offer include:

  • Advice and support with the development of strategic growth plans.
  • Improving competitiveness to aid the transition into new markets.
  • Development of marketing strategies to bring on board new customers.
  • Support with improving business resilience in light of the Covid 19 pandemic.
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