How do you plan to win the match in scoring your long-term business goals?
2nd November, 2021

How do you plan to win the match in scoring your long-term business goals?

by Team Pinnacle

Whether your business is a large corporation, SME, sole trader or start-up, long term goals and aspirations should lie at the core of your company plans moving forward. But how do you set the right objectives that are also reachable, viable, profitable, and realistic for your business?

Goals can include things as specific as the day-to-day operational tasks needed to run a business. These drive scalability and business growth and are short-term objectives which are vital for the smooth running of your organisation.

Long-term organisational goals are just as important when it comes to future planning for your business. These can include employee and management performance, productivity, profitability, innovation, market share and corporate social responsibility.

The two goal threads should work in conjunction with one another. This will enable managers and owners to understand their company’s health day-to-day, helping them to remain on track and keep the business in good standing for years to come.

Planning and thinking ahead is vital as it can help you foresee issues and complications that may arise in the future, while you are trying to achieve these desired business outcomes.

Setting achievable goals 

The first thing you must do is prioritise. Consider what your most important long-term goal is currently. Think about resourcing, budget, and capacity – do you have all those in hand or do you need help? Importantly – is it realistic? (There is nothing wrong with big dreams but sometimes people can get carried away!)

Review the practicalities – is there space in your current premises to make this goal work? Do you need to outsource things like marketing or consultancy?

You can now develop these plans for 12 months or for the coming 3 or 5 years by following the same process. Remember that your business goals may have to change over time, so be flexible and allow for wiggle room as and when required!

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