It’s a marathon, not a sprint.
30th October, 2020

It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

by dev_admin

It’s a marathon, not a sprint’ is a phrase often used to describe the business journey. Focusing on the end goal and then formulating a step by step plan are trusted principles to apply to your growth ambition. Building strength, speed and endurance as you go, mixed with flexibility, altering your pace to suit the environment and ensuring you are mentally prepared for the terrain will help you approach the miles ahead with confidence, troubleshooting the difficult periods as you go.

Those elements of the preparation are reflected in the approach Pinnacle adopt when working with clients #enablingbusinessgrowth. We recognise that each client is individual and unique, and we come alongside our clients, as an extension of the team, providing straightforward and honest advice.

The ‘marathon’ our clients are running will have many twists and turns, each one unique, with varying intensity of pace. Clients who are retained by Pinnacle for a set number of days per month benefit from consistent, tailored advice based around their specific business needs at that point in time. Our staff and associate team have a diverse range of proven business skills, enabling us to integrate our expertise into our client’s projects at the right time, giving clients a broad and flexible range of support.

One of the values at the core of Pinnacle’s business model is to go above and beyond to add value to our clients’ businesses. We enjoy seeing businesses thrive and the team’s combined experience spans many sectors, disciplines and skills. We get to know our clients, developing understanding for their business, looking at the wider picture, providing support and exchanging information and access to our networks, helping with #enablingbusinessgrowth.

We often are approached by clients who don’t have a definitive issue they’d like resolved; they simply know they would like some support with growing their business. Often, the main advantage we can give them is our time – focused on the task in hand, addressing the business needs without the distractions they face when running and managing their business.

Not surprisingly, current client support includes:

  • Access to finance/ funding – particularly related to Covid-19 supports.
  • Marketing – ensuring we are not isolating our brands through continued, consistent messaging.
  • Strategy – How does the current situation impact our growth plans and how can we prepare effectively for the coming months?
  • Trade – Brexit hasn’t gone away! Fully funded Brexit support is available, and we continue to advise clients on all things Brexit in addition to wider trade concerns, including supply chain and commodity codes.

Through developing a true partnership with our clients, we take on a role akin to a marathon trainer – assessing the journey head, working with the ‘runner’ to develop strategies, providing consistent and reliable support, introducing innovative problem solving techniques, introducing a wider support team and most importantly, cheering them on every step of the way, with an understanding of their personal journey and pushing them to constantly improve their ‘personal best.’

If you would benefit from having a chat about how we could add real value to your business growth, please contact us.


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