Don’t isolate your brand!
1st April, 2020

Don’t isolate your brand!

by dev_admin

Brands should take opportunity ‘to shine’ as lockdown takes toll on consumer confidence’

I read this article this morning in Marketing Week – it is full of useful insights into the current consumer behaviours. I laughed as I realised that I contributed to the ‘durable’ increase in spend in hair clippers (a teenage son worried about how he will cope without this fortnightly skin fade!) but I was also thinking about the practical steps that need to be taken to continue to ‘shine’.

I guess for most of us last week was spend reaching out to customers, checking in with our staff, rescheduling workflow, amending distribution, looking into government supports and beginning to plan for this period of change. As we begin to get into the routine of this normal, it is really important that we don’t lose sight of our profile and that we continue to have a consistent presence in the marketplace.

We’ve seen great examples of businesses that are ‘shining’, those who have been able to pivot and respond to the calls for assistance with hand sanitiser, PPE equipment etc. Local food retailers and ‘corner shops’ have taken the necessary precautions to protect staff and ensure their communities can receive food etc.

I’d like to suggest a few practical ways that other businesses can ‘shine’ –

  • Don’t isolate your brand– we have no certainty about when things will return to normal, or indeed what normal will look like, so your brand/ business still needs to be seen.
  • Review your offer/ services– what services can you offer now and what will be useful when we see a glimpse of normal returning.
  • Take advantage of social media channels that you may not have used before – it’s a great opportunity to capture new audiences and build loyalty.
  • How can you educate, inspire and share news? What do you specialise in? How would others benefit?
  • Be consistent, be authentic and be true to your company values.

If you would like to see your business ‘shine’, please get in touch with us.

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